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Now Offering Virtual Examinations!

VOS Nashville is excited to add virtual examinations to our curbside services! Watch your pet’s examination by our staff and interact with your pet’s ophthalmologist in real time. (Not available for VOS Chattanooga at this time.)

1. Download the GuardianVets Pet Owner App.
2. Create a username and password.
3. Fill out your pet’s profile.
4. Search our zip code, 37204, and click on our practice to add to your profile.

After you complete those steps, you and your pet’s profile are all set up! Here’s what to do when you arrive for your Curbside appointment.
1. Upon arrival at our veterinary practice, park and open the GuardianVets App.
2. Select your pet that has an appointment.
3. Specify your car information and that you’re in the practice parking lot.
4. Select the reason for your visit.
5. If you’d like to leave us a comment (if your pet gets nervous, responds well to treats, etc.) please put it in the Special Instructions box.
6. Submit check-in.
7. After checking in, we’ll come out to transport your pet inside for their Virtual Visit.
8. Meanwhile, you’ll be sent to the Virtual Waiting Room in the GuardianVets App.
9. Once we start the Virtual Visit, you’ll receive a video call request on the app. During the Virtual Visit, you’ll receive real-time video access into the exam room where we will discuss our findings and answer any questions or concerns you have.
10. At the end of the Virtual Visit, we’ll safely transport your pet back to your car.

Thank you for your continued patience as we all navigate these rapidly changing times together.

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